About Us

The Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Authority was established as a public entity with the mission of the Authority providing dynamic, cost-effective, flexible and collegial organization to insure initial and ongoing SGMA compliance within the Basin. Its purpose is to:

  • Provide coordination among its 17 Groundwater Sustainability Agency members
  • Carry out SGMA purposes in a cooperative manner
  • Develop, adopt and implement a legally sufficient Groundwater Sustainability Plan that covers portions of the subbasin within the jurisdictional boundaries
  • Satisfy SGMA’s requirements for coordination among the Groundwater Sustainability Agencies

Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement-Fully Executed

Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Authority Bylaws

Our Location

The Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Authority is comprised of 17 Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) covering the entire Eastern San Joaquin Subbasin, which covers Eastern San Joaquin County and portions of Western Calaveras and Northeastern Stanislaus counties. The Eastern San Joaquin Subbasin includes the following tributaries: San Joaquin River, Stanislaus River, Calaveras River, Mokelumne River, Mormon Slough, and Littlejohns Creek.  The Eastern San Joaquin Subbasin is also within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

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